Exercise Programs in Mississauga

At Clarkson Sports & Physio, we can help get your body back to performing at its optimum level. Whether you are working to overcome an injury or want to improve you fitness level, we can customize an exercise program to suit your needs.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is an important part of physical therapy. From sports related injury to a chronic condition such as arthritis, we can put together a program to help you achieve your peak strength.

Postural Education

Changes in posture occur throughout your lifetime. Posture affects how we look and feel and it can also affect our movement. We can help improve your posture in order to assist in normal transfer of body weight through spine, hips and knees.

Gait Analysis

Every activity, even how you stand represents how your body moves. Like your thumb print, these are unique to the individual. We can provide a gait analysis to assess your movement and help correct dysfunctional movement.

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